Find anybody's business email address using

Find business emails using

Being able to find anybody’s business email is crucial to generating leads.

Especially, when you're trying to do a combination of targeting people via LinkedIn and email.

The more data you have to use the better. 

The reason why I want to show you how to find a business email address is because many people will focus on scraping an email address from LinkedIn. And more often than not, this tends to be a personal email, Gmail, Yahoo, those types of emails. 

So it is best practice to always find a business email address and contact them in the right way.

The software I recommend for this process is called 

This is a great tool that will help you find business emails and validate the emails to make sure it is accurate. Afterwards, you are able to export the emails and import them into Prospect Labs in order to launch multi-channel campaigns using Version 2. 

In this blog I will explain step by step how to install and use the program 

The first thing you want to do once you have logged into is to make sure that you disable two features.


When you go to your account and search settings make sure you uncheck the "add a generic contact email" feature and the "personal email". account settings account

You don't want your email address to look like [email protected] but it should look like [email protected] 

add generic contact name

Then you also want to uncheck "personal email". Since, you don't want your email to show [email protected] but [email protected]

personal email

So if you uncheck those two settings and then save your setting, it means that all the prospects you find will be ideal.

OK, let's get started.

When you use for the first time, you will come to a page like the one pictured below. Since it is your first time logging in, the program will ask you to install two plugins.

install email finder and LinkedIn prospect finder

Email finder is for finding emails from websites


and the LinkedIn prospect finder is for finding emails from LinkedIn.


To install the LinkedIn prospect finder, just follow the instructions that the page prescribes. 

All you have to do is click on LinkedIn prospect finder

Then you click on extract and this screen will open.

First of all, you need to download the extension.

download the extension

Afterwards, you will need to unpack the extension. 

Unpack the extension

To upload the unpacked extension, you follow the following steps.

upload the unpacked extension

enable developer mode



Then go to your extensions at the top of the screen. 

To make sure your extensions are at the top in development mode, go to more tools and then extensions.

Having the extension in development mode gives you the chance to turn this feature off or on easily. And when it's on, you'll see load unpacked. As you do this, you can scroll all the way down until you see the LinkedIn prospect finder option and you just click select. The program will then install this feature for you.

And if you want to see the extension on your screen just click on the puzzle icon on the top right. Then you can pin the extension to make sure it is displayed. 

The other plug-in is the email finder. To find leads and prospects from almost any website, except LіnkedІn, you use the Email Finder extension.

This one is a bit easier to install because it comes directly from the Chrome store.So just click on add to Chrome extension.


Then you go to “added” and you can see if you want to add it as an extension to the top of your page. 

So, now that both of the plugins are installed, we can start scraping emails.

In this video below, I will show you an easy step by step explanation of the process and how you can successfully find anyone's business email.


To sum up the video, keep these key points in mind.

  1. Identify which group, event or target market you want to approach in order to obtain their email addresses.
  2. Make sure you attend the event on LinkedIn in order to see all the attendees.
  3. Use to scrape the event. But be aware that you do not scrape to many pages at first.
  4. Make sure you only use valid email addresses.
  5. Export the email addresses to the prospect labs software to run multi channel campaigns.

If you want to try out the software of Prospect Labs, go to

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