Finding your audience from LinkedIn Learners

Finding your audience from LinkedIn Learners

You may already know this, but there is a whole other world of activity happening in LinkedIn Learning. Just go to:

Linkedin Learning

Screenshot 2020-11-16 at 11.50.34.png

With the impact of Covid 19 and the rise in people both having more free time as well as an increased demand to improve their online skills, LinkedIn Learning courses are booming!

I could stop there and simply just ask you to attend some of these courses which would definitely help you:

Rock Your LinkedIn Profile | LinkedIn Learning, formerly

The Step-by-Step Guide to Building your Thought Leadership on LinkedIn | LinkedIn Learning, formerly

LinkedIn Profiles for Social Business Success | LinkedIn Learning, formerly

However that is not my style :) There are always automations that could help and I want to share some of them with you. When you look at any of these courses, you will see how many people liked the video:


In this example, you can see 5578 people who liked this video. So this means there are 5578 people trying to educate themselves online about how to use LinkedIn in a better way 🤯

If only there was a way for me to export all of these people and run a LinkedIn connector campaign to target them all...

Introducing Phantombuster:

Phantombuster | Automate everything you do on the Web

Screenshot 2020-11-16 at 11.52.26.png

Phantombuster may scare you at first as it looks way more complicated than it actually is. It is simply software that will scrape all data from social profiles. You can use it for free to start with and then if you need to use it a lot, you can always upgrade to a $30 per month account.

To use Phantombuster you need to do the following:

(1) Create a free account here: Phantombuster

(2) Install the Chrome plugin here: Phantombuster Chrome Plugin

Once you have done that you are ready to scrape all of the people from LinkedIn Learners using this Phantom:

LinkedIn Learning Likers | Phantombuster

Watch this video to see how quickly it is to find your target audience:

If only there was a way to import all of these people that have been scraped into Prospect Labs (I hope you are getting the point here, there is definitely a way)

From your results on Phantombuster, click Download CSV:


I like to use google docs instead of excel, but you can use either, just make sure you open the csv file:


With this data, you need to prepare it in order to upload to Prospect Labs. Please see this example of how the column heads should look:

Example Prospect Labs Import

Go back to the spreadsheet that you have and make sure to change the column headers so that:

LinkedIn Profile is → profile_link

First name is → first_name

Last name is → last_name

The final step is to import all the data into Prospect Labs ready for your campaign. Please see this video for the whole process (again apologies for no sound, blame Nika the Shiba)

You can only import 1000 profiles into Prospect Labs at a time and so make sure to split the data into multiple imports if you have more than 1000

You will then be left with all of your data imported ready to add to a campaign.


You are now ready to run your Prospect Labs campaign to this target audience

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