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Why a high SSI score on LinkedIn will increase the sales of your company.

Why a high SSI score on LinkedIn will increase the sales of your company.

If you have read it once, you have read it a hundred times, LinkedIn SSI score is the best way to learn how to boost your profile, but are you using it to impact your lead generation campaigns?

LinkedIn is the largest social network in the world for sales professionals and leaders who want to move away from traditional emails, cold calling and outreach campaigns and switch to social selling.

But how do you improve the success of your social selling efforts? 

This is why LinkedIn designed the Social Selling Index (SSI) 

A higher score means a healthier account and more potential to use LinkedIn and all it’s possible features.  

And that is exactly why it is critical to increase your SSI score as much as possible, based on your interactions, your engagement on the platform and the quality of your connections. 

At Prospect Labs we understand that to generate more leads you need to keep track of your SSI score and so we have now integrated your score in to your daily dashboard:


This means that not only do you have the possibility to manage your score but to react to it to keep making improvements. 

Does a high SSI score really matter? 

Well, yes. If you and/or your company are active on LinkedIn, especially for the purpose of finding and contacting sales prospects, it is worth all the hype! 

But what do we mean by a high SSI score? In general, an SSI score above 70 is considered a high score and 90% of LinkedIn users have a score lower than 70

Inlytics is a great software for measuring your Linkedin activity and their SSI graph shows their SSI score rankings. 


After all, sales are directly or indirectly linked to conversations and relationships that are started on LinkedIn and, more importantly, maintained. This is why at Prospect Labs we have built a direct integration with your SSI score so that you can always monitor your account or anybody else's account that you are managing:



Let's take a closer look at those activities that will help you grow your sales and/or your business.

How to really boost your score

LinkedIn determines your SSI score based on 4 elements, also called pillars.

These pillars consist of establishing a professional brand, finding the right contacts, engaging with insight and whether you actually build relationships on the platform.

You can read more about the LinkedIn guidelines in the Linkedin for Creators guides:



First of all, establish a professional brand for yourself

As obvious as it sounds, the first impression is everything. So make sure your linkedin profile looks professional. Having an optimised LinkedIn profile can lead to 14x as many views.

To make sure your profile looks professional, you don't have to go through a lot of trouble. 

Start by completing your profile. This means identifying relevant Keywords, optimizing your LinkedIn headline, writing a useful profile summary, adding a professional profile picture and matching banner and posting relevant content.

Not only posting relevant content is important but also replying to other people's content and being interactive on the platform helps to increase your SSI score.

You can read our blog here on how to optimise your linkedIn profile in more detail.

Who is most likely to benefit from your content?

LinkedIn wants you to connect with people who are likely to benefit from your activities and offers. And I assume you want that too, right? That's why it's crucial to first ask yourself if you are offering value when you join a conversation or share content.

To help with this, you can use the LinkedIn search function. It really is that simple... 

Look for people in the same industry, potential customers or new collaborations. This video shows you how to find your target audience.

Don't forget that your target group is likely to be approached by many others as well, so always add a personal message when making a new connection and make sure you stand out. 

Let’s explore the wonderful world of LinkedIn to find the perfect relationship(s)

After identifying better prospects, it is now time to explore conversation-worthy updates to create and grow relationships.

By consistently sharing valuable information with your network, you become a trusted expert in your industry. Doing so will increase your network's involvement and interaction with your publications in the long term. 

When your network is fully engaged, you also create the opportunity for genuine discussions. These discussions allow you to connect with each other and share your thoughts, which can ultimately lead to doing business together. Your SSI score can therefore be improved by leaving thoughtful and constructive comments on other people's posts.

In addition to sharing your opinion, it also helps to personally reach out to new connections. 

By this, I mean making sure that you actually take the time to personalise your messages in a way that adds value to the upcoming conversation.

And if this puts you off because it is too time-consuming, you can always automate these messages through Prospect Labs. 

Once you have found these relationships, don't forget to cherish them

Maintain your relationships and strengthen your network by creating trust with your network. 

By interacting with your connections on a regular basis you add value to the relationship. You can do this through a range of options such as:

  • liking or commenting on their posts
  • endorsing their profile for skills
  • adding a recommendation
  • following their profile or their company profile
  • Inviting them to your events

In conclusion

As LinkedIn very rarely gives any public information on the limitations of how active you can use the platform, the SSI score is the only real public indicator on how LinkedIn views your account. 

Lead generation is about consistent progress every day and building up momentum, which means that you need to have a high quality but safe approach to using LInkedIn. 

By monitoring your SSI score to keep it above 70, this will ensure that you are using LinkedIn in the right way without any risk of your account being flagged or suspended. 

To check your score just go to this link:

and click to get your score free. 

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