Do you know how to create more leads for your business?

Become a Lead Generation and Sales expert through our 6-week course starting 1st November

Welcome to the Prospect Labs Academy

6 Weeks of Interactive Live Training starting 1st November

6 x 90 minute weekly sessions

Live weekly webinars and Q&A with Patrick Collins showing you practical guides and ideas that you can implement in your own business

Private FB Group

Closed community to ask questions and get feedback on your marketing campaigns and to interact with the Prospect Labs team

Practical Resources

Guides, explainer videos and templates for you to use to create instant impact on generating leads for your company

Week 1: LinkedIn & Email Safety

LinkedIn Safety Limits

Limitations on LinkedIn for connections, messages, in-mails, event invitations and posting explained

Weekly Invitation Limit

How to avoid the weekly LinkedIn limit and send 300+ connections per week

Email Best Practices

Warming up your email, protecting your domain,setting up custom tracking domain and finding business emails

Week 2: How to get over 1000 people to your Events

Creating and marketing your LinkedIn event

How to invite your network and create a content plan to boost attendees

Creating and hosting the event to generate leads

How to showcase your product and build excitement during a webinar

Convert Attendees to Leads

Automate the process of connecting with all registrations to turn them in to customers

Week 3: Creating LinkedIn content that generates leads

Content Plan

Creating a content plan for the month ahead for both your personal LinkedIn profile and Company Profile

Hashtags & Analytics

Optimising your posts to attract the right audience and reviewing progress through LinkedIn analytic software

Competitors Content

How to scrape competitors content and create a custom target audience for you to interact with

Week 4: LinkedIn and Email multi channel campaigns

Using Prospect Labs to automate multi-channel campaigns

Combining LinkedIn social selling, connecting and emailing to generate leads via multi channel campaigns

Creating LinkedIn messaging templates

Learning what type of messages help to get a 70% connection rate and 40% reply rate

Creating Email templates

Creating subject lines that get a 50% open rate and content that generates leads

Week 5: Campaigns that get 70%+ acceptance rate

Connector Campaigns

How to run connection campaigns targeting events, LinkedIn learning courses, posts and company followers

Messenger Campaigns

How to interact with your 1st degree network as well as targeting groups through messenger campaigns

InMail Campaigns

How to interact with people on LinkedIn even if you are not connected to them via Inmails

Week 6: Convert Leads to Calls & Integrate your CRM

Reply Templates

Creating templates to deal with sales objections and to easily get calls booked in

CRM Integrations

How to set up webhooks, use Zapier and also how to use external software to integrate leads instantly to your sales CRM

Final Q&A

Opportunity to run through past 6 weeks training and ask questions on anything you need more support on

What we will cover in each week

People that have been trained by Prospect Labs


What should I know before sign up for the course?

The course is suitable for beginners and experts in sales and marketing so there's no prior experience needed

Do I need to participate in trainings at specific times?

The online training will be at 3pm EET every Monday starting the 1st of November. You'll always be sent a link to participate

What if I miss a training module?

Every webinar will be recorded and shared with you automatically after the session

Will I get any work to do after each training module?

Yes, you'll be sent resources to work through to help you with all aspects of the course and can ask questions in the private FB group

How can I pay for the course?

In order to make a payment, click the "Sign up" button and then you will be redirected to the payment page where you will have to provide your credit/debit card and card holder information. Please note, that currently, we accept credit/debit cards only

Where can I contact you for help?

As part of the program, you have unlimited access to the Prospect Labs team via the FB group and email as well as asking questions during the training

Do I have to use Prospect Labs Software to join the course

No you do not have to but you will get a free voucher to use Prospect Labs throughout the 6 week course

Have more questions about the academy?

Book in a call and we are happy to speak to you

Get Access to the live 6 week academy and sign up now πŸ‘‡

500 Euros per person starting 1st November

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