How to generate leads from Facebook Groups

How to generate leads from Facebook Groups

Are you struggling to manage your Facebook Group as the requests of the new group members are increasing rapidly? If your answer is “Yes” then allocate only 15 minutes to read this post and it will help you save hours which you could use to develop your business. 

It will give you even more value if you are asking your new members to answer a couple of questions as well as to provide their email address in order to join the group so that you can add them manually to your autoresponder (a program which sends emails automatically to your mailing list according to certain rules and established intervals). 

We perfectly understand what you are going through since we’ve experienced the same pain ourselves. However, we’ve recently discovered a life-changing tool - “Group Leads: Facebook Group Lead Generation” that I’m sure you will find very useful!

In this blog post, we will briefly cover its main features and show you how you can easily benefit from it. 

Quick guide on how to set up Group Leads 

Group leads is a Google Chrome Extension which is very easy to use and does not require a lot of effort to be set up. 

Once you’ve installed the extension from Google Chrome Web Store, you’ll be asked to complete the extension settings. Firstly, select the desired Facebook Group which members you will be approving:

After selecting the Facebook Group, click on the settings icon under ‘Action’. 

It will open up the settings for your selected group:

Here you need to insert the provided Google Sheet URL where the data of your new group members will be saved. The data that can be saved from a Facebook Group is:

  • Group name
  • User ID
  • First and Last names
  • Full date when the person joined Facebook
  • Questions you have asked when requesting to be added to the group
  • Answers to the questions (including emails)
  • Date added to the group

if you request new members to provide their email address, after inserting the Google Sheet URL, choose your autoresponder:

Once selected, click on ‘Credentials’ and insert the API Key and List/Group id which you could find after logging in your autoresponder’s account. Click Verify & Update and you’re all done! 

In case you need more information regarding the integration with autoresponders, you can find it here:

Group Leads - just ONE click and all your new Facebook Group members are approved!

This extension allows you to approve new Facebook Group members regarding three criteria: 

  • Those who answered all of your questions
  • Those who didn’t answer any questions
  • All 



After approving the members, the extension immediately saves the relevant data in your selected Google Spreadsheet. 

If you requested new members to provide their email address, Group Leads allows you to automatically save them in your autoresponder. For example, our selected autoresponder is MailChimp which is synchronised with Autopilot (Autopilot is incredible for email automation but it doesn’t sync with Group Leads which is why we need to connect it to Mailchimp first). As such, we are growing our contact list in Autopilot only with ONE click on Facebook! It’s just amazing! 

If you need more information on how to set up Group Leads or how to use it, here is a short video which can help you:


It’s your decision to start using Group Leads or keep approving all the new members manually. 

However, we can assure you that once you try it out, you will be kicking yourself for not installing this extension much earlier. What’s more, you’ll be able to dedicate all the time saved to discovering new growth hacks that will help you grow your business.

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