LinkedIn, Email & Social Automation to boost your growth

Prospect Labs lead generation software combines LinkedIn, Email and Linkedin content interactions to make you a better social seller

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Trusted by companies throughout the World to generate leads

LinkedIn limitations have changed the way you can sell

Are you making changes to your outreach strategy to adapt?

Has the LinkedIn weekly limit stopped you generating new leads?

LinkedIn weekly invitation limitation

Since 2021 LinkedIn has implemented changes to limit connection requests to 100 new prospects per week if you are mostly reaching out to cold leads

LinkedIn network restrictions

Cold messaging people from bought data or messaging too many people from outside your network may lead to your account being suspended or permanently deleted

LinkedIn has changed the way you do prospecting

LinkedIn outreach has shifted to social selling, where targeting like minded people from events, posts and groups brings best results

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Are you making the most out of all LinkedIn features?

Remote work has changed the way people engage online

Decision makers prefer watching webinars and engaging with posts rather than being directly sold to

Buying habits have shifted

Leads want to see value in LinkedIn connections and be educated about how you can help them before they commit to calls

LinkedIn has more to offer than just cold sales

With over 10 ways to target your prospects on LinkedIn, are you maximising the potential of all features?

Do you know how to scale your outreach in a safe way?

Are you spending too much time messaging manually and not getting results?

Technology has adapted to upscale your outreach safely and mimic human behaviour so you can concentrate on selling, not prospecting

Are you following the best practices on LinkedIn to keep your account safe?

Sharing valuable content on LinkedIn and reaching out to the right people improves your LinkedIn account health while keeping your growing network engaged

Are you using the right software to improve your sales?

The right automation tool can help you to find quality leads, improve your outreach efforts and bring credible results safely

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Are you using LinkedIn in the right way to boost sales?

80%of B2B sales leads should be coming from LinkedIn
40%of sales people time is spent prospecting
810 Millionusers on LinkedIn in 2022

Prospect Labs combines all LinkedIn social selling features to 10x your lead generation approach

LinkedIn safety as a priority

The power is yours to manage and control your account activity

Custom IP address assigned to chosen location

We ensure that all messages sent via LinkedIn are from the IP of the country where you are based

Account Limit Controls

You have full control of your daily interaction levels so you don't exceed your LinkedIn daily limits

Warm up features and limit ranges

Prospect Labs warms up your LinkedIn account to gradually increase your outreach numbers

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Find your target audience from anywhere on LinkedIn

Seven search features to add prospects to your campaigns from LinkedIn

Find your target audience who shows buying signals on LinkedIn

Use Prospect Labs to scrape people who attend LinkedIn Events, who are part of LinkedIn Groups or who interact with LinkedIn Posts and Polls

Import leads using direct LinkedIn searches

Prospect Labs is compatible with all three major LinkedIn products: LinkedIn Basic, Sales Navigator and Recruiter

Upload your bespoke data via CSV file

Use Prospect Labs CSV feature to import your prospecting data from external sources to use in your campaigns

Run multi-channel campaigns

Eight types of targetted campaigns to build your network and increase your engagement levels

Campaigns to engage with like-minded people

Message and connect with people from LinkedIn Groups and Events who are showing interest in the same topic as you

Campaigns to promote your LinkedIn Events

Auto-invite your network to your events and set up campaigns to build relationships with event attendees

Campaign to bypass LinkedIn weekly invitation limits

Bulk connect up to 500 people per week safely using Prospect Labs CSV connector campaign

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Respond to leads

Manage all conversations in your smart inbox without leaving Prospect Labs

Multiple filters to manage your Inbox

Use a range of Prospect Labs Inbox filters to never miss a conversation and keep your messages organised

Bespoke tags to highlight your leads

Create and assign custom tags to your prospects to help find and manage them easily

Speed up your reply process with templates

Create reply templates to ensure every message is answered with no time wasted

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Manage multiple accounts

Set up your Agency and share responsibilities with your team

Invite your team to help manage accounts

Assign chosen roles and permissions to your agency members to distribute responsibilities across the accounts

Share campaign templates and blacklists

Create campaign messaging templates to share with your team and avoid contacting the same leads by adding them to your blacklists

Manage multiple accounts through one dashboard

Oversee and manage multiple agency accounts all in one place with a single cloud based login

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Track and Analyse your results

Comprehensive reports to help you keep track of your lead generation campaigns

Overall account statistics

Day-to-day statistics and communication stats to show you the performance of all your campaigns collectively in one place

Individual campaign insights

Track the performance of each individual campaign to analyse your campaign acceptance rates and engagement levels

Social Selling Index

A unique metric to track your social selling efforts and to show you how LinkedIn sees you as a user

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LinkedIn and Email automation combined

Smart flow campaigns that adapt to your leads' behaviour

Direct Email integration

Connect your Email to Prospect Labs to multiply your outreach channels and reach out to your leads outside LinkedIn

Hyper-personalised campaign sequence

Build your own smart sequence to auto-visit profiles, endorse skills or follow companies on LinkedIn to warm up your leads

AI-powered behaviour

Campaign that reacts to your prospects behaviour on LinkedIn and acts accordingly

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Prospect Labs works best for:

Business Owners

Sales Teams

Marketing Agencies




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Integrate Prospect Labs with your favourite sales tools

Use Zapier to connect Prospect Labs to your CRM or any external softwares to transfer data in real-time

Customers Love working with Prospect Labs

Learn how Prospect Labs can help you generate leads on LinkedIn

Message from the Head of Community

With more than 6 years of experience as a customer support specialist, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and love for communication with different people from all around the globe!
I will be the person who is responsible for helping you take the very first steps using Prospect Labs. Every person who signs up will get personalised onboarding to learn how to find your target audience, create new campaigns and generate more leads on LinkedIn. Always happy to share my optimism and good mood!

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